specialized in bringing 2d characters to life since 2014
commissions are closed indefinitely

About Cawstumes

Cawstumes, previously known as Xeshaire's Creations or Chirpystumes, is owned by Luci (Xeshaire) and is currently a solo-operating business. Fursuit making started officially in 2009, but offered commissions and custom work in 2014! We use the term "we" for professional purposes.

Why the name Cawstumes? We wanted a simple but easy to remember name, what better than using a corvid mascot and make a pun off of "costumes!" Corvids "caw" as a way to communicate and that's where the name Cawstumes came from! Our mascot is a raven named Dusk which you can see below!

Any and all creatures are welcomed to Cawstumes to bring the character to life, we're willing to experiment ones we have not done yet! It's always exciting to learn something new on the way. We are most specialized in canines and dragons but have been expanding species through commissions.

Quality is our priority – and we want to make sure that what you get is worth the wait, so we might take our time with our process rather than rush it!


I no longer offer cheaper options since I barely make enough money to cover bills.
Prices have been adjusted to real life job salary to make it worth my time to make suits.

Heads - $2000

★ Toony Foam ★
Follow me eyes, removable tongue, plush teeth.

★ Realistic Resin ★
Follow me resin eyes, tearduct vision, realistic jawset, movable jaw.

Partials - $3300

★ Toony or realistic head
★ Handpaws
★ Armsleeves
★ 3-foot tail

Plantigrade $5000 Digitigrade $6500

★ Toony or realistic head
★ Handpaws
★ Armsleeves
★ 3-foot tail
★ Feetpaws with indoor sewn pawpads
★ Fursuit sandals
★ Bodysuit

Terms of service


  • We own cats and cannot guarantee suits to be free of cat hair!

  • You must be 18 years or older to commission us.

  • We have the right to decline and cancel commissions at any given time.

  • All contact will be established through email only.

  • We retain the right to showcase photos of any in-progress and completed projects.

  • We will not work with deadlines, no exceptions.

  • A full-body front and back image of your character is required to use as a reference.

  • Bodysuits require a duct tape dummy, if you don't tape it back together a $50 fee will be charged.

  • Failure to complete the dummy properly according to our steps will result to needing a new one.

Payments & Refunds

  • We only accept payments as USD via PayPal.

  • Payment plans of 3-months can be discussed for $500 and up.

  • 30% of the total payment is non-refundable, in neither form of payment or materials.

  • Refund options; A refund minus deposit OR a partial refund and have unfinished work shipped to you if progress was made.

  • We retain the right to complete the project and sell the finished work if you opted for a refund minus deposit. We will change what we can to not make it resemble your character.

  • If we decide to cancel your commission a full refund is issued.

  • The current refund process can take a while. We do $100 monthly and send more as we're able to.

Process & Updates

  • Our queue can be found on our Trello. The queue is in order of completion, but is subject to change.

  • Your commission will be added to the queue once fully paid and will start once your card is up.

  • Project completion can take up to two years depending on queue length.

  • Single-items are done in-between projects such as tails, handpaws or heads-only projects.

  • You may change the character design, swapping or adding more colors/markings will add fees.

  • Changes to in-progress work or completed projects will cost fees, unless we're at fault.

  • Inform us if you want specific fabric used. We match swatches we think will work best and send a photo. A link will be added for you to order the same swatches to inspect.

  • We send updates as soon as we have them. The time between payment made, up to your start of commission will be quiet since we have nothing to show until then.

Shipping & Warranty

  • Completed suits have a 90-day warranty unless you modified anything to void warranty.

  • Small repairs are free as long as shipping is paid. Larger repairs are subject to fees.

  • We ship world wide from Massachussets USA. All packages inlcude insurance and tracking.

  • Shipping is not included with any commission or repairs and will need to be paid by you.

  • We are not responsible for custom fees; you are responsible for understanding your import laws.

  • We are not responsible for lost shipment. Each item is insured and USPS will be liable to refund.